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Survey Results

2007 Field Season Consultant Survey

The first set of surveys went out to apple industry consultants in July 2008. The results are now available for viewing online here or you can download the report. Another consultant survey went out in January of 2010 asking about practices during the 2009 field season. The results of that survey are now available for viewing by clicking the link to the left.

Consultant Survey Results
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Please share your thoughts about the Guthion phase-out:

  • "I think it’s a big mistake. It's one of the more effective control methods out there, and it's about half the cost per acre compared to other effective insecticides."
  • "I think the Guthion phase out will make it difficult for growers to continue to produce the quality of fruit this state is known for."
  • "I will miss Guthion because I feel it is this most effective tool and economical tool for the control of codling moth at this time. I hope by 2010 - 2011 an effective codling moth control measure can be developed that is cost effective for the grower."
  • "I just became a crop consultant. I like Guthion but it has its pluses & minuses. It is still fairly effective & I wish I could use it at least once a year for a chemistry rotation partner."
  • "It seems somewhat artificial, not driven by real data. The phase-out seems driven more by fear than by fact."
  • "To Phase-Out Guthion forced growers to implement mating disruption and begin to use alternative materials that have been developed. We as an industry have 1) increased the number of sprays needed each year 2) Which has increased the expose of pesticides to growers, shorter lived materials that give us the feeling of safer material is a P.R. situation. Look at the last 3 major food born illness problems in the U.S. They have come from farms using the cheapest fertilizer on the market."
  • "It's ridiculous."
  • "If alternatives aren't as effective, than frequency of alternative applications could be more. Causing more spray apps in our environment as a whole."
  • "A Guthion based CM Program was very stable. New Chems have changed the effects on predators. Should fight to keep AZ(Guthion) on limited Apple only usage."
  • "Guthion is very IPM friendly. Alternatives have proven to flare mites, disrupt predators & make my career a growers’ livelihoods more difficult."
  • "There is no doubt that we as an industry, can successfully "phase out" Guthion. Unfortunately, no one seems to be communicating to growers the dramatic cost that they will assume. 1- Products replacing AZ are much more money per acre. 2- Products replacing AZ don't last as long. 3- Products replacing AZ are sometimes less efficacious resulting in more damage & increasing populations. 4- Products replacing AZ do not handle cooling & over heads as well, resulting in (even shorter) residences & poorer control. 5- Because of the above, we will have to increase support programs like; mating disruption virus, stickers/extenders, oils, etc. Resulting in increased cost."
  • "I believe that the phase out will increase the cost of production on tree fruit crops. I thank that the level of control can be comparable, but at an increased cost."
  • "It will be expensive for growers who have not moved to soft programs and are not using mating disruption."
  • "The cost for newer & safer insecticides hurt the average grower, you can not compare $15/acre to $55/acre. In my experience that is what every grower looks at, what is the price? Why am I using something that cost $55/acre when the $15/acre product works better? I hear this every day! It is clear to me that we do have good (not great) alternatives to Guthion. What will be challenging is using these alternatives in a way that will have little impact on beneficial insects that help control secondary insects."
  • "It will be more costly for the growers. They will have to spray more often, with more costly products. NEW products won't last as long and need to be mixed for Dual modes of action."
  • "Early observations indicate that "soft" replacements for Guthion are much more disruptive to predatory insects then originally anticipated. This, coupled with the 2x cost of new materials will result is higher pest control costs for producers and more trips through their fields."
  • "We can farm without Guthion, but until they do, growers will continue to use A.Z. because of it cost & effectiveness."
  • "The biggest obstacle is retraining growers to timing of ovicide sprays."
  • "My biggest problems with CM are from backyard trees and regrowth. Newer CM materials have trouble dealing with pressure from outside sources compared to Guthion. If the Environmentalists want to take away some of our tools they should also support making backyard trees and unmaintained lots with regrowth illegal."
  • "Guthion phase-out will not be a benefit to the environment if the alternative products used for pest control are pyrethroids."
  • "Will not be that hard to phase-out Guthion have a lot of my growers who did it 10+ years ago."
  • "Guthion has been a cheap but effective tool for CM control. However, it is a nasty product to use and be around. The new products such as Delegate & Altacor look good on CM control and they seem to be easier on the workers. Guthion will be missed by some growers- but not by me."
  • "Overall it will be healthy for the industry to do this as quickly as possible. I think it is a rare orchard indeed that is so infested that it can ONLY be managed with the punch that Guthion provides. By the same token, the managers of those very infested infested orchards need to be aware that the time to clean up is NOW, because none of the alternatives is as effective (or as cheap!)"

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