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Survey Results

2007 Field Season Consultant Survey

The first set of surveys went out to apple industry consultants in July 2008. The results are now available for viewing online here or you can download the report. Another consultant survey went out in January of 2010 asking about practices during the 2009 field season. The results of that survey are now available for viewing by clicking the link to the left.

Consultant Survey Results
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If you have any comments you would like to share with us, please write them in the space below:

  • "I think it would be a big mistake to ban Guthion. It's cheap effective and going to drive up input costs per acre with having to use alternative insecticides."
  • "Help us to educate growers about the real world without A.Z.! -The increased costs of the sprays themselves. -Potentially accepting more damage. -The increased commitment of their management time in spraying, removal of damage, altering the acceptance and placement of bins, etc. -Potentially altering their market strategies overseas. (Some may find it difficult to skip to Taiwan). I am amazed at how few people really understand what a challenge this will be to all of our resources. I'm thankful the industry is experiencing some profitability at the moment. What happens when we go back to $100/Bin apples (or lower) and growers are spending 4x on codling moth control alone?"
  • "Looking for an Adulticide for Lepidoptra Would be a good start to have in 1st Generation Codling Moth that does Not have a 2 week Re entry Period. I can see where trapping and growers trying to do what the general public perceives as a safer more environmental friendly program toward safer materials. Has placed a bigger burden on Tree Fruit Growers w/ no guarantee of a greater return on their time or investment. Very easy to say mating disruption and new materials "Safer" products to humans for CM control but the timing is so critical. As a researcher do you get out of bed at 4 am and work until dark most of my clients w/ family farms do. Its easy to say and recommend it is another to be guy or gal that has to get it done."
  • "WSU does a very good job in training & research for WA St. Horticultural Crops. Good job PS forget AZM Phase out & bring back Penncap!."
  • "IU Meetings have poor grower attendances. Need to tie Private App Lic to IU participation. Same for All consultants -esp Ag Chem & Wandereres(sp?)! Tie Com Consultant Lic. to IU involvement. Revive Area Wides: -Grower Incentives -Cost share for CMMD. Grower & Fieldman Attendance for Lic's. Area coordinator with public Access to Area info. Stronger pest-boards in Chelan & Douglas Cty. (Signature and date)"
  • "Need more education and exposure to the general public. Backyard trees and regrowth on undeveloped lots are a huge problem in Chelan County. Until these are dealt with, CM will continue to be a big problem."
  • "Thank you. We somehow need to convince more young people to become horticulturalists. It is becoming difficult to find people wanting to do our jobs."
  • "I am sorry this is late! In the future, for me, these type of questionnaires are better if sent out Nov. - Feb. Thank you!"
  • "I just started work as a consultant."

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