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2009 Field Season Consultant Survey

The 2009 Field Season Consultant Survey was mailed out in January 2010. The results of that survey are now available for viewing online here or you can download the written report. The results of this survey will be compared to the 2007 Field Season Consultant Survey and compiled. A report of compariative findings will be posted when complete.

2009 Consultant Survey Results
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If you have any comments you would like to share with us, please write them in the space below:

  • "I would like to point out that Guthion use does not translate to "no IPM." In fact, most of my acreage that still gets a good Lorsban/oil at delayed dormant, followed by Guthion for codling moth continue to be some of the most "integrated" especially when it comes to aphid and mite control. As documented, Assail, Rimon, Calypso, Delegate, Success and to some degree, Altacor have been disruptive to established, integrated situations. As far as worker safety, I have applied Guthion myself for many years. I have spent my working days in Guthion treated blocks for over 27 years. I live and raised my family (and many pets) next to Guthion treated orchards. I resent the totally negative connotations with Guthion. It has been a safe and effective tool for the fruit industry for many, many years. Please don't discount common sense or sound science."
  • "The loss of Penncap-M insecticide dramatically increased the cost of the control of wooly apple aphid, San Jose scale, leafroller, and codling moth. We lost a great tool to be able to rotate to. Worker safety is important, so is the ability to be able to farm for a profit. The loss of organophosphates would be very detrimental to our ability to rotate to a different mode of action. Lorsban, Diazinon, Azinphos methyl and Imidan are very important to help clean up difficult pests. We need help keeping these in the rotation."
  • "In theory - This is all great. In reality - effective/cheap alternatives are in the best interest of the growers. A Guthion or Penncap application to rotate through in emergency situations would be beneficial to all - are these rotational programs being generated to benefit the marketing of the new materials by the basic companies and finance the researchers way of life? I'm more suspicious as I get older and work in the industry - as to the meaning of a lot of the research published - your credibility/intentions is/are being questioned by more people as time goes on."
  • "Guthion is still the best codling moth material we have left, even your (WSU) research shows this. The other issue you bring up is organic which I personally refuse to eat. Look at the last 5 major issues we had with food products where people die and see how many were organic. I work with good people who organically farm but it is a life style and tough commercial venture."
  • "I hate surveys."
  • "Keep up the good work!"
  • "I appreciate WSU's educational outreach and education programs to educate growers and fieldmen.  There is a definite need for continuing education as tree fruit production is constantly changing as to crop protection products and their efficacies.  Thank You!."
  • "I like the DAS system and how it helps look at areas you might not be traveling to that day to look at blight and other diseases. I'm excited to see how the grape mildew model will work. Thanks."
  • "I have really appreciated the PMTP and the Decision Aid System. It has been an integral tool in helping with timing and product knowledge."
  • "Jay Brunner and his staff have been great, it would have been very hard to transition out of O.P.'s without this great deal of information that was presented to us in meetings."
  • "Keep up the good work! Sorry for being late in getting this back to you."
  • "Keep up the good work!"
  • "Washington State University has put together superb information through its education, research and extension programs. Please keep up the great job! I hope these valuable resources do not get put on the phase out list."
  • "Many WSU and TFR Com. mega projects need to produce bottom line results for improving CMMD can virus trapping and Mudd care."
  • "A lot of IPM Decisions are based on Landscape characteristics, Urban Fringe, Topography, small block size (less than 10 acres), and full work load complicate IPM decisions."
  • "Almost all fieldmen use IPM as much as is possible. There are enough alternatives to Guthion that this is not a factor, especially as Guthion is either very weak or does not work very well anymore. Almost all growers and fieldmen with very few exceptions are very concerned with what the effects of pesticides are on workers and the environment and wherever economically and control wise they can, they will use the least toxic product available to control an insect or disease."
  • "Your questions re biological control for CM or LR: While I often observe LR which have succumbed to BC, I've never purchased and released any. I have, however, observed more and more BC activity over the years. You may get better information if you rephrase your question. Regarding the sprayer calibration question: I don't recommend calibrations because it's not part of my service, but I don't OPPOSE them either. Rephrase the question."
  • "Great question regarding NRCS."
  • "Stink bug is a huge problem with no soft or reduced risk materials to control it. With the increasing demand for no or extremely low residues on fruit this is a very high priority for our growers and marketers on apples as well as cherries."
  • "Instead of asking us to do a survey for each orchard, do a survey for the total amount of acres involved in this commercial operation."
  • "Except for my own orchards, my recommendations are made for The Okanogan County Pest Board. Unfortunately 400+ acres of orchard that came to the attention of the pest board had to be removed for lack of pest control."
  • "Retired from fertilizer/chemical supplier 6 years ago. Kept 2 growers as a minor private consulting job. Only one apple grower. Not being "in-the-loop" of information makes it more difficult to implement and try new materials and techniques. My consultant license will end in December 2010 I will not have credits needed to renew. So, I will not renew and it is becoming best interest of the grower to have someone familiar with new products to become his advisor."
  • "As of 31 Dec. 2009, I have retired so you may want to update your files to remove me from your listing. Thank you."
  • "I have yet to receive an e-mail notice of PMTP meetings therefore I only went to 1 meeting in 2009 (Brewster meeting). I suggest continuing the PMTP project but with notices about meetings or they (it) won't be successful."
  • "As a warehouse fieldman, our company now insists that all chemical recommendations are to be made by a chemical sales fieldman. I personally like Guthion for many reasons but understand the pressures that are working to remove it. Thank you."

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