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Volume: 3 Issue: 2 March 15, 2010    Download PDF

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PMTP Newsletter - WSU Decision Aid System 4.0

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DAS 4.0 is Online    No-Biofix CM Model Now Standard   
WSU Spray Guide/Pesticide Database    DAS on the iPhone   
DAS Help Center & Workshops

DAS 4.0 is Online

DAS front page

Over the past few months the WSU Decision Aid System (DAS) has undergone several changes and updates to make it more user friendly and improve its functionality for the coming season. To begin with, the front page has a new look and more user-friendly feel. The Help Center has also been updated with an online user manual and short narrated video tutorials that clearly explain how to use the system.

Other additions of note: DAS is now available using your iPhone; an improved spray guide interface and the removal of biofix from the codling moth model.
This issue highlights just a few of the new or improved features of DAS 4.0. We hope you will visit the site and try out all the new features DAS has to offer.

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No-biofix CM Model Now Standard

Beginning this season (2010) the No-biofix CM model will be used, meaning that there will be no resetting of degree days (DD) at 175DD when biofix would normally occur. DD accumulation began on Jan 1 and will continue throughout the season. What this translates to in practice is that DD’s associated with all CM events will appear 175DD higher than you’re used to. For example, 425DD is equal to 250DD after biofix.

Why change the model? 25 years of Washington data has shown that biofix occurs at 175DD. Over the last two years DAS transitioned to the no-biofix model to simplify operation and reduce the potential for errors if you failed to enter the correct date for biofix.

Last year with emergence occurring earlier than it had in the past 28 years, the model was removed. However, subsequent review of last year’s data confirmed that the no-biofix model performed as well as the biofix model and can now be used with confidence.

Biofix is defined as an easy to observe event such as first moth capture, previously used to synchronize the model and field populations. Once the biofix event occurred, the model was reset to 0. DAS no longer utilizes any biofix models.

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WSU Spray Guide/Pesticide Database

A mini-version of the WSU Spray Guide appears just below the graph in the model window. It shows a list of possible materials you may use for that pest or disease. Above the graph you can choose “View Organic” or “View Conventional” to show the appropriate material choices. If you want more detailed information click on the “View Full Guide” icon.
The full Spray Guide displays all recommended materials for your program type. In this window you can switch pests, crops, treatment period and

program type at any time from a drop down menu at the top.

Four types of information are provided: General Information (product name, class, resistance class, REI, etc.); Efficacy Information (effect on pests); Natural Enemies Impacts; and Notes/Comments of Interest (for each listed material). All of the information is intended to help you make an informed decision regarding the material best suited for your orchard management program.

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DAS on the iPhone

DAS is now available on the go when using your iPhone. As on your regular browser, model output on the iPhone can be viewed by model or station and includes current and projected pest conditions and management recommendations. Currently, the iPhone-specific system has no graphs and only the mini-WSU Spray Guide is available, but updates regarding these two items are under development. DAS compatibility with other smart phones and mobile devices is under development.

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DAS Help Center & Workshops

The DAS Help Center provides an online user manual and short (1-4 minutes long) narrated video tutorials demonstrating various features of DAS step-by-step. If you can’t solve your problem through the manual or videos, you can submit a “trouble ticket” directly from the Help Center screen. An interactive frequently asked question (FAQ) section is under development based on questions submitted by users.



If you prefer, DAS also offers face-to-face training workshops for individuals or small groups. Anyone interested in scheduling training should contact Ute Chambers, (DAS Manager / Educator).

(509) 663-8181 x290


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