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Wendy Jones

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Wendy Jones, M.S.

Associate in Research

Web & Communications Coordinator/Export Training

Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center
1100 N Western Ave. Wenatchee, WA
Phone: 509-663-8181 ext. 260
Fax: 509-663-8714

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Research/Professional Activities

  • Digital Outreach: web design and content development;
  • Outreach training workshops: produce, edit and assist with content development;
  • Online education/training development;
  • Photography, videography and associated digital editing;
  • Identification of postharvest insect damage and physiological disorders that appear during and after storage of apples;
  • Integration of postharvest record keeping with orchard management;
  • Taiwan export certification training;
  • Integrated pest management decision aid systems (DAS) technical assistance.


  • High School: Redlands SHS, Redlands, CA. (diploma)
  • University of California at Riverside (B.S. Biology)
  • Utah State University, Logan, UT (Post-Baccalaureate Studies)
  • University of Hawaii at Manoa (Post-Baccalaureate Studies)
  • University of Hawaii at Manoa (M.S. Horticulture) Thesis title:
    “Determination of Nuclear DNA Content in Orchids by Flow Cytometry

Recent & On-going Workshops

Jones, WE. Taiwan Systems Approach Work Plan: Orchard Codling Moth Sampling Training. (Workshop) Summers of 2005-2013. Various locations within WA. watch presentation (no audio; transcript under "notes" tab) or check training schedule here.

Jones, WE. Oriental Fruit Moth Inspector Training. (Presentation) May, 2006-2013, Wenatchee & Yakima, WA. Check training schedule here.

Gadino AN, U Chambers, WE Jones. Enhancing Biocontrol Workshop: ID of natural enemies and strategies for enhancing BC in orchard systems. various dates and WA locations Jan. - Mar. 2013.

Select Publications & Presentations

Jones, W, A Gadino, U Chambers, J Brunner. Part 8: Outreach: the final goal. Good Fruit Grower. May 15, 2013. available online soon.

Goldberger, J, W Jones amd N Lehrer. Part 7: Pear growers surveyed on biological control. Good Fruit Grower. May 1, 2013. read online

Chambers, U, V Jones, A Gadino, W Jones, N Mills, J Brunner. Part 1. Enhancing Biocontrol: Overview. Good Fruit Grower. Feb. 1, 2013. read online

Jones, WE, AN Gadino, U Chambers, JF Brunner, VP Jones. Digital Outreach: Educating Stakeholders about Enhanced Orchard Biological Control. WSHA Annual Meeting, Yakima, WA. 3-5 Dec. 2012 (poster)

Gadino AN, WE Jones, U Chambers. Natural enemies and enhancing BC in your orchard. WSHA Annual Meeting, Yakima, WA. 3-5 Dec. 2012 (poster)

Jones VP, U Chambers, JF Brunner, EH Beers, J Goldberger, K Gallardo, NJ Mills, DR Horton, TR Unruh, PW Shearer, S Castagnoli, K Amarasekare, SA Steffan, N Lehrer, WE Jones. 2011. Enhancing BC to stabilize western orchard IPM systems. WTFRC Crop Protection Meeting. Yakima, WA.

Jones VP, JF Brunner, GG Grove, B Petit, GV Tangren, WE Jones. 2010. A web-based decision support system to enhance IPM programs in Washington tree fruit. Pest Management Sci. 66:587-595. (download 311KB or view online)

Lehrer, N., Brunner, J.F., Granger, K.R., & Jones, W.E. 2009. PMTP surveys consultants. Good Fruit Grower. Vol.60#11., Yakima, WA.

Jones, WE, JF Brunner, E. Kupferman and CL Xiao. 2008. "Cull Analysis: How to score all that damage". WSU Fruit Quality School, Wenatchee, WA. watch presentation (no audio; transcript under "notes" tab) download cull score sheet insect ID sheet

Jones, WE, K Granger, N Lehrer and JF Brunner. 2008. Pest Management Transition Project: Helping growers and managers update their IPM strategies. Poster presentation. 104th Annual WA State Horticultural Association meeting. Yakima, WA. download PDF.

Outside Activities

Authored Websites

Enhancing Western Orchard Biological Control (IPM/Biocontrol)

Cullage Assessment & Educaction (Postharvest/Export)

Codling Moth Resources (IPM/Postharvest/Export)

Apple Disorders Guide

Insect Ecology & Behavior Lab (IPM/ Dr. Vince Jones' Programs)

Apple Pest Management Transition Project (IPM, project completed; still online)

Pest Management Survey 2000 Results (IPM-old data and site, but good background pesticide use info)

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