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Reference tools

In addition to the Handbook, PMTP has developed or assembled some tools and guides that you may find useful. Here's a brief description of our tools:

Efficient Use of Speed Sprayer Technology

We developed an interactive application that allows you to enter in sprayer and orchard information to help you see the effect of driving speed on sprayer efficiency to help you determine the most efficient and effective way to use your equipment. Click on Speed Sprayer Use to use this tool.

Guide to Identifying Adult Codling Moth in Early Season Traps

We put together a visual guide to help you determine if the moth in your early season traps is really an adult codling moth or the sage moth. Click on Adult CM ID to view this guide.

Codling Moth Degree-Days and No-Biofix Model

This year DAS instituted the No-biofix model for codling moth degree-day (DD) calculations. A full explanation of the No-biofix model is posted here, along with a table comparing the old calculations with the newer DDs used by the new model posted here.

Maximum Residue Levels Database

An additional complication for selecting the right pesticide for your orchard situation is knowing if you will be able to market your fruit in other countries. We briefly explain the concept of Maximum residue levels and provide links to online databases where you search on various pesticides, crops and countries to see if the chemical you wish to use is even allowed in the country you wish to market your fruit. Click on Max. Residue Levels to view this page.

With the increased pesticide MRL testing being conducted in such markets as Taiwan and Korea, knowledge of MRLs has become a top priority for producers and shippers. Part of our current project is to develop an MRL database with NHC that will be integrated into DAS. Work on this systen has begun and should be available soon to DAS users. This will allow you to automatically look up the known MRLs information for the pesticides listed in the crop protection guide where DAS derives its pesticide information.

Apple Sunburn Model New

DAS has launched a new model that predicts the risk of sunburn browning of apples. Three sunburn risk ratings are based on weather forcast data as well as cultivar, fruit size, and tree vigor. More information about the model can be found on the DAS news link or by visiting the the Sunburn or Stress Physiology web pages.

IPM Resources links

Located in the right hand column is a list of hand picked IPM related web page resources that we feel should be useful. A couple of the pages are a bit dated, but the information is still accurate and applicable. We especially recommend the use of the Decision Aid System (DAS) to help you with your orchard pest and disease management decisions. If you haven't tried it recently, check it out. There are many new features and more to come.

Videos & Tutorials new

WSU Decision Aid System tutorials

Taiwan Codling Moth Sampling Slideshow - For refresher use only. Does not replace the official training.

PDF Resources updated

Common Natural Enemies in Washington Tree Fruits

Parasitic Hymenoptera in LPD trap liners: a guide for identifying common specimens

Pesticide Label Safety Poster choose size to download: 8.5x11 print size or full size poster

More to come....

PMTP will be developing more tools and guides over the next couple of years to help you with your IPM needs. If there is something you would like to see here tell us! Use the Send Us Comments link to give us your suggestions or comments.

IPM Resources

Decision Aid System (DAS)

Orchard Pest Management

Crop Protection Guide

OP-alternative IPM in apple

Apple Damage ID Guide

Codling Moth Damage Guide

Some of the page links above are no longer maintained, but their content is still very useful.

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