Tree Fruit Research & Extension Center

Apple IPM Transition Project

Training Presentation:

Integrating New Insecticides

Into a Strategic Plan
for codling moth and leafroller


The Apple IPM Transition Project has prepared an interactive presentation addressing topics related to implementing new insecticides for codling moth and leafroller control as the industry transitions away from organophosphate insecticides. Clicking on the image link below will open a new window in your browser and automatically start the presentation. If the presentation does not open you may be prompted to install a Flash Player plugin to view.

There are 10 quiz questions placed throughout this 46 minute presentation. You may take as many attempts as necessary to correctly answer each question. If you don't have time to watch the presentation in a single sitting, you can return as often as you wish. If you don't want to restart from the beginning, just open either the "Outline" or "Thumb" tab and select the slide you want to start from. Transcriptions for the current slide are viewable under the "Notes" tab. If you missed what was said and need time to review the that slides transcript click on the pause button on the player bar.

We hope you find this presentation enjoyable and informative.

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