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Apple IPM Transition Project

Educational Events

Implementation Unit Meetings

The primary in-depth educational opportunity for assisting the industry transition insect control programs to use of the new insecticide technologies was through Implementation Unit (IU) meetings. An IU was comprised of growers, orchard managers and consultants who were interested in learning more about new insecticides and how they could best introduce them into their pest control programs and whose orchards are in close proximity, though not necessarily contiguous. Education included reviews of how new insecticides fit into an apple pest management program and how programs of individual growers might be designed to take advantages of the new insecticide tools in their program.
With the complation of this project, IU meetings are no longer held. However, if you are interested in learning  more about using the WSU Decision Aid System (DAS) check our Events Calendar for any scheduled workshops or contact DAS through their help center. See below for more on DAS.

WSU Decision Aid System Training Events

The WSU Decision Aid System (DAS) has undergone some major modifications and upgrades. This includes the addition of more models, new tools and a more user-friendly interface, as well as adding/updating many other features. But the big change most people will notice is the change to the Codling Moth Degree Day Model. The updated CM model no longer uses a Biofix. After years of testing and validating this modified model, going without resetting the degree days after a biofix occurrance has proven to be more effective and easier for people use. DAS will be providing training sessions to learn how to use the revised model and all the features of the improved system. You can find out more information about DAS and any training by going to the DAS site.

Field Day Events

The 4th Annual WSU-Sunrise Orchard Field Day event Will be held on August 23rd from 5pm to 6:30pm with a BBQ immediately following. This year there will be a pre-tour workshop on how to identify and monitor for natural enemies. Visit our events calendaar for more information.

IPM Fruit School

There was a fruit school focused on integrating Biological Control within an IPM program held February 2012 under the direction of the "Enhancing Western Orchard Biological Control" SCRI project team. The workshop was a combination of hands-ons learning and expert lectures about IPM, natural enemies and enhancing biological control in fruit and nut orchards. If you missed this event, not to worry! Most of the presentations and the handbook are available online here.

Previously: PMTP and WSU Extension held an IPM Fruit School in December 2008. This was a 2-day event that covered aspects of orchard pest management ranging from pest biology to economics presented by renowned experts. After the event was over a DVD proceedings was produced containing a compellation of the session talks and distributed to all school participants. The IPM fruit school sessions can be viewed online here. If you wish to purchase one of the DVD's please contact the WSU Extension Publications office at: 509-335-2857 or 800-723-1763.



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